CCS is fully aligned with The Common Core State Standards. Our students receive focused instruction following standards that many states across the nation have now adopted. At CCS, we are excited about meeting and exceeding these standards utilizing Christian curriculum.


Early Childhood (Pre-k & Kindergarten)

Our curriculum incorporates mathematics, computer, language arts, science, social studies, perceptual-motor activities, music, art, and physical education. Pre-K and Kindergarten students visit the library once a week. CCS Early Childhood Education Center makes learning a great adventure that leads to a successful educational future.

Elementary School (Grades 1-3)

Our elementary school offers a superior academic and enrichment program. In addition to the mastery of basic skills in academic areas, children are encouraged to become thoughtful problem solvers and lifelong learners.

CCS Elementary School faculty, in addition to the classroom teachers, includes specialists in art, music, computer, physical education, reading (DIBELS), and math enrichment.

Middle School (Grades 4-7)

By providing challenging educational programs, with emphasis on the total development of each child, the middle school prepares students for higher education and life.

High School/College Academic Experience (Grades 8-12)

A well-balanced academic core challenges our students to succeed beyond CCS. Students in high school are able to receive dual credit for their course work. High school students can accumulate up to 30 hours of college credit as they pursue their diploma. CCS  partners with Central Baptist College and Southern Arkansas University to offer these college credits. Dual credit courses offered are Comp I, Comp II, World Literature I, World Literature II, Psychology, College Algebra, College Trigonometry, U.S. History, Western Civilization, Personal Finance, and Fine Arts: Music.

9th Grade Step-by-Step

Involvement in the life of the school is vital. Find activities that you enjoy and seek out leadership opportunities. 

Keep a record of all awards, camps, community service projects, work experience, etc. CCS will assist you in that process.

Your grades count! You will have eight semesters of grades that will create your high school grade point average for your college applications.

Continue developing your study habits, time management, and organizational skills. This is key to future and successes in life.

Cultivate student/teacher and other school staff relationships. These relationships take on great meaning as you grow and mature. Seek out help, ask questions, and utilize the wisdom CCS faculty has to offer.

Check out scholarships available to you. Check academic requirements, GPA requirements, etc.

10th Grade Step-by-Step

Read college mail you receive and check college websites. Search for college programs that may interest you. You can also come by the High School office for guidance or assistance.

Continue to build a strong GPA. Take advantage of any dual college credit courses at CCS, seek leadership roles, and stay involved. Follow what interests you and energizes you. Be involved in your school, your church, and your community.

Attend any college and career planning sessions that are available to you at CCS. Take an ACT Prep class when available and take the ACT test.

During the summer between your sophomore and junior year:

Enjoy your family and friends.

Participate in meaningful activities including community service.

Utilize ACT student resources at



11th Grade Step-by-Step

Take (or retake) the ACT exam. This ensures you have multiple opportunities to take the exam and get the best scores you can achieve. If you have not taken an ACT Prep course, take one at CCS now to assist you in preparing for the exam.

Check out colleges. Take tours of the colleges that interest you. Contact the Admissions Office at those colleges for information.

Continue to focus on your grades. Keep in mind that you only have one more year before graduation. College admissions personnel and scholarship committees will be reviewing your high school transcripts.

12th Grade Step-by-Step

Continue to take dual college credit classes offered at CCS. By taking dual credit courses, you already have some college credit behind you and a great start on your college career.

Visit colleges that interest you. Be sure to take advantage of all opportunities to visit campuses. 

Watch for scholarship deadlines. Be aware of upcoming scholarship deadlines and application requirements. CCS will have information on many scholarships available for your review.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This should be done after January 1st of your senior year. CCS can assist you with this application. The website to complete the application is

Pray for God’s peace and discernment. Pray to hear His voice in this process and to seek His good and perfect will.