Each member of our faculty has at least a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Additional support staff are used to supplement our music, art, physical education, and other school programs.


Superintendent – Ted Waller

School Chaplin – Bro. David Watkins

Counselor – Ted Waller

Director of Finance – Lacey Harris

Director of Curriculum & Assessment – Katie May

Professional Development Coordinator – Lisa Griffin

Early Childcare Education Director – Allison Griffin


Director – Allison Griffin

Program Coordinator – Michelle Gardner

Pre-K4 – Debbie Jennings

Pre-K4 – Allison Griffin


Kindergarten – Hannah Graves

Kindergarten Aide – Heather Sumpter

First Grade – Holly Humphries

Second Grade – Raegan Austin

Third Grade – Betty Wilson

Elementary Secretary – Gaye Waters



4-7th Bible – Katie May

4-6th English – Stephanie Stevens

7th English – Katie May

4-7th Math – Monique Bryan

4-7th Reading/Literature – Stephanie Stevens

4-7th Science – Lisa Griffin

4-7th Social Studies – Radonna Attebery

Math Specialist – Traci Lindsey

MS/Administrative Secretary – Carole Yates



8th Grade Bible – Angela Wisely

9th Grade Bible – Marilyn Wilkie

10th Grade Bible; Chapel – Will McGee

11th Grade Bible; World Literature – Chris Lucy

12th Grade Bible – Matt Bell

Business Education & Yearbook – Victoria Allison

8th-10th, 12th Grade English – Katie May

11th Grade English – Stephanie Stevens

Health/Speech; Life Skills – Lindsey Griffin

8th-12th Grade Math – Cyndi Cole

Personal Finance – Mandy Sharpe

Psychology – Shelley Whaley

8th-12th Science; HS Robotics, Science Chair – Barbara Pearson

8th – 12th Social Studies – Jeana Cearley

Spanish (Interim facilitator) – Angie Carter

High School Secretary/I.S.S – April Voss


PreK-12th Grade Art – Tiffany Newton

PreK – 12th Grade Media Center Specialist – Peggy Attebery

PreK – 12th Grade Music/Choir; Chapel Worship Band – Angela Wisely

PreK – 6th Grade Computers & Campus Technology Coordinator – Lindsey Raines

PerK – 6th Grade PE; 8th-12th Grade Girls Athletics – Lindsey Griffin

8th-12th Boys Athletics – Devin Graves & Ben Coulter

8th-12th Robotics – Barbara Pearson & Victoria Allison



Athletic Director – Ted Waller

Asst. Athletic Coordinator; Head Volleyball Coach – Junior/Senior Girls – Lindsey Griffin

Archery Coach – Victoria Allison

Baseball Coach – David Sisson & Steve Goodheart

Golf Coach -- Evan Lindsey

Girls & Boys Basketball; Girls Softball Head Coach – Devin Graves

Girls & Boys Basketball; Girls Softball Assistant Coach – Hannah Graves

Soccer- Dalton Nix & Dalton Hall

Cheerleading & Scream Team Coach – Gaye Waters

Shooting Sports – Kevin & Jennifer Miller


Purchasing Agent/Calendar Coordinator – Marilyn Griffin

Cafeteria Supervisor – Michelle Cooper

Cafeteria Assistant – Pat Hendricks

Custodian – Marie Johnson

Custodian – Brenda Johnson